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“Anak Pertiwi” or “Worldchild” is a foundation for children. For those children who can't live without us. Like children who don't have parents, whose parents are ill, or for some other reason can't take care. The foundation gives them a chance for a normal future, so their young lifes can develop. We focus on happiness and capability. We would like to see them becoming happy adults who are capable to take care of themselves.


Anak Pertiwi's Children's Home


Children's home Anak Pertiwi is situated on a hill in the northern part of the island of Bali. It was build by HAND, stone by stone and day by day by the people of Penginyahan and Kembang Sari village. It forms Anak Pertiwi's basic, the place where children dreams come true.

penglocokan misi mako-genjek

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